Giacomo Medici del Vascello

Giacomo Medici del Vascello (Milan, 15 January 1817 – Rome, 9 March, 1882) led the volunteers in 1848 along with Garibaldi. In Rome in 1849, he was at the head of the ‘Medici Legion’ and distinguished himself in the defence of the Villa del Vascello. In the 2nd War of Independence, following Garibaldi, he fought at Varese, San Fermo and in Valtellina.

In July 1860, he led a second expedition of Garibaldi’s men to Sicily and fought at Milazzo and Messina.

He was an officer in the Royal Army and in 1862 was appointed military commander of the Palermo stronghold, where he was responsible for the harsh repression of the social insurgencies in western Sicily.

He became a senator in 1870 and in 1876 was invested with the title of Marquis of Vascello.