Lithograph of Francesco Nullo


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Francesco Nullo

In. 685
Francesco Nullo (1826 – 1863), born in Bergamo to a family belonging to the well-to-do business middle class, took part in the Five Days of Milan in 1848 and the following year in the defence of the Roman Republic.

In 1859 he fought at Varese and San Fermo. The expedition to Sicily saw him spearhead various acts of bravery: despite being wounded at Calatafimi, it was Nullo who planted the first tricolour in Palermo. Two years later he was with Garibaldi at the Battle of Aspromonte. A supporter of the independence of oppressed nations, he went to help the Polish revolution of 1863, by organising a legion of some 600 Italian, French and Polish volunteers of which he was colonel.

He fell in combat at Krzykawka, during a Russian attack. He is regarded as a national hero in Poland.