Lithograph of Giuseppe Giovannetti


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Giuseppe Giovannetti

Anonymous – Lithograph
Giuseppe Giovannetti (1788 – 1848) from Lucca embarked on a military career from a very young age, proof of the strong military attitude of the Napoleonic era. He was involved in many campaigns: Neapolitan, German, Spanish Wars, War of the Sixth Coalition (1813). He was mentioned and promoted many times. Having stepped aside on the arrival of the Austrians, he was recalled to service by Maria Luisa Bourbon. After restructuring Lucca’s army and becoming its commander in chief, he was forced to resign by Carlo Lodovico. In 1847 the Grand Duke of Tuscany called on him to command the Florence stronghold. In 1848 he organised the Tuscan expeditionary corps that took part in the 1st War of Independence. He was defeated at Montanara (29 V 1848), and during the retreat to Tuscany was killed by a subaltern.