This section contains information on the works in Lucca’s Museum of the Risorgimento.

Crimean War

Lithograph of soldiers in the Crimean War

Edme Patrice Maurice de Mac Mahon

Lithograph of Mac Mahon, Duke of Magenta

The Thousand leaving from Quarto

Lithograph of the Thousand leaving from Quarto

Battle of Calatafimi

Lithograph of the Battle of Calatafimi

The red shirt

How the red shirt was created (lithograph of a volunteer in a Garibaldi soldier’s red shirt)

Sabrebelonging to an Officer of the Garibaldi Volunteers

Sabre belonging to an Officer of the Garibaldi Volunteers

Garibaldi soldier’s “poor” shirt

Video screening of the film “The Garibaldi Boy”

Engraving featuring the Battle of Aspromonte

Garibaldi was wounded in the leg

Engraving featuring the wounding of Garibaldi at the Battle of Aspromonte