Timeline room

A century of Italian history articulated in a timeline of significant dates, places and players, as well as words, slogans, famous quotations from politics or literature, through which consensus and involvement in the Italian cause grew.

An exhibition space providing an opportunity to question as a local and national community who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.

To set in motion, we hope, a collective and shared search for meaning.

We have, therefore, chosen to interweave the exploits of the Father of the Nation with the passions and delusions, the enthusiasms and sacrifices of “local”, “minor” less well-known figures who by comparing themselves with the sharp, jagged edges of History nevertheless knew how to leave a significant mark on the minds of their contemporaries. In order to understand better our joint heritage and what it means to be Italian today.

An educational space summarising a few ideas in a simple, enjoyable and, we hope, entertaining way which will enable every visitor to check if and to what extent our efforts have helped to provide a clearer and more significant understanding of the foundations of our history.

To decide consciously if Italy’s history can still be considered as a repository of identity and what idea of Italy we wish to have for the future.