Engraving featuring the wounding of Garibaldi at the Battle of Aspromonte


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Garibaldi was wounded in the leg

Garibaldi was wounded in the leg

Giuseppe Garibaldi was shot twice during the Battle of Aspromonte (29 August 1862): the first was a superficial wound to the left thigh; the second, more serious, was to the instep of the right foot.
This began an ordeal for Garibaldi that was to last more than a year. He was attended first in La Spezia and then in Pisa by the most famous Italian and European surgeons, but it was Ferdinando Palasciano, a doctor from Naples, who provided the correct diagnosis: “the bullet was lodged in the instep of the foot and would have to be removed by surgery as quickly as possible”.

The surgery was carried out in Pisa on 23 November 1862 by Professor Zannetti from Florence.